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Our mission

  • To provide exceptional Science and Communications Education to Youth ages 15-20;
  • To connect youth to leaders in the fields of science, sustainability, and communications for information and potential careers; 
  • To create a more informed public by providing news and information about science and the environment;
  • To bring new voices to the media by educating and connecting young people - the teachers, leaders & visionaries of the future.
  • To work for a more sustainable world via empowering "science savvy" citizens

To fulfill our mission, EarthScope has three main components:

Science Education

In-depth study of critical environmental topics like habitat preservation, water

conservation, clean energy, "green" commerce, and advances in biotech.

Environmental Science/Sustainability

• Most Critical Environmental Challenges statewide/globally (their causes and potential


• Cadillac Desert: California and the World’s Water Scarcity/Quality Dilemma

• Energy: The State of Energy Today and New Innovations in Energy Technology

• Sustainable Agriculture & Food & The Growing Bio-Technology (GMOs)

• Climate Change: Current Stats and New Technologies (Geo-engineering), The Key Role of

Plants (marine and land) to Atmospheric Conditions

• Species Loss and Extinction: Integrative Approaches

Site visits to local/regional environmental science, technology and sustainability organizations

like: Marin Clean Energy, California Academy of Natural Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture

Farms in West Marin, to name a few.

Training in Digital Recording Software and

We EarthScope Media supports individuals and organizations promoting environmental stewardship, global health and social responsibility. 

We provide media and PR training for organizations and coalitions, as well as authors, spokespeople, and other leaders in sustainability.

Our workshops and consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, such as creating a PR campaign, refining and pitching a core message, and honing interview skills. 

We also help broadcast our clients' news through our affiliate radio stations and other partners in our extensive network.

Radio Show and News Blog
EarthScope Media produces weekly radio stories on the environment, biotechnology, health and sustainability.

These shows are broadcast after the nationally syndicated show Living on Earth by our partner station KALW 91.7 and other local and national stations.

EarthScope also produces print news stories and social media content through Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

Academy for Sustainability & Communications

Our unique ASC program provides vocational training in communications and journalism for high school and college students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ASC training is available to students of diverse economic and academic backgrounds, giving every graduate critical job skills, real-life experience, and advanced educational and vocational opportunities.

We offer after-school and summer sessions, as well as individualized in-class programs developed with teachers and school-to-career counselors.