"ASC taught them many
literacy skills such as interviewing, listening, critical thinking, summarizing,
editing, organizing, and public speaking. It also gave t hem confidence as
we jointly discovered t heir hidden talents. Some had exceptional speaking
voices. Some were able to write engaging leads. Others were really proficient with the computer program. It gave me a way  to interact with my students in a way that was current and relevant . The project also
opened my eyes to the many environmental issues right in my own community.

High School Teacher

“ASC gives students knowledge in the areas of communication, science, public speaking, research, environmental issues, and working with the world-wide web.”

Carmelo Sgarlato, former SF Unified School District Science Supervisor

Educating Future Generations

Earthscope' s Academy for Sustainability & Communications

was founded on the principle that education can change lives - and change the world. They know that if we understand what's happening in the environment and what's at stake, we are better equipped to make choices that are better for the Earth, and every living thing on it.

We provide comprehensive educational/vocational programs for high school & college students.

Are you a teacher or school-to-career counselor looking for fresh and exciting curriculum for your high school or college students?

Earthscope's Academy for Sustainability & Communications (ASC) is a great way to give your students vocational training, expand their academic skills, and support their interests in communications, the environment, science, health, and technology.

ASC provides valuable academic and career training in communications, preparing students for multi-media and other careers in the modern marketplace.

We work with you to develop flexible curriculum based on the needs of your students, state standards requirements, your desired time frame, and the issues most important to you and your class. Typical in-class sessions are 8-12 weeks, and we also offer after-school and summer programs.

Your students' personalized ASC curriculum might include:

  • Academic support in English, writing and communications.
  • In-depth study of critical environmental topics like habitat preservation, water conservation, clean energy, "green" commerce, and advances in biotech.
  • Training in the tenets of good journalism: research, interviewing techniques, script development, recording technology and technical sound editing.
  • Producing radio-ready stories - in students' own voices - broadcast by KALW to over 200,000 Bay Area listeners.  
  • Training in writing feature articles and press releases, and adapting them for use in blog posts and other social media communications.
  • Exciting and educational field trips to local news stations, green conferences, environmental organizations, and sustainable businesses.

ASC appreciates the different learning styles and needs of the students that we serve, and we tailor our programs accordingly.

For example, for our English Language Learners (ELL) we dedicate more time to helping them understand the topics, reviewing pertinent vocabulary and introducing them to technologies that might be unfamiliar. Students participate in the digital editing process, but ASC interns and/or instructors complete the stories for the students.

Every student leaves our program with essential work/life skills such as active listening, critical thinking, collaboration, project management, creative problem solving and communicating to a large audience.

Together, you and EarthScope help students find their voice, and the confidence to share their ideas and talents with the community.

What educators are saying about ASC 

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