EarthScope Media believes the public needs access to reliable information about current environmental issues in order to better manage our threatened resources.

If we understand the causes and what's at stake, we are better equipped to make choices that are better for the Earth, and every living thing on it.

We live in a rapidly evolving world. On our current course, climate change and human impact on the planet is affecting our economy, our habitats, and our everyday lives.

At the same time, the free, independent press is disappearing, giving people less access to unbiased news about the environment, biotechnology, health and sustainability.

Since 1999, EarthScope Media has been working to alter the course we're on.

Founded on the principle that education can change lives - and change the world - we report reliable, unbiased environmental news through our signature radio, print and online stories.

We bring fresh perspective and new voices to the media by training local students, environmental leaders and nonprofit we can all be part of the solution.



photo: jay tamang

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