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Julie Lehman

School Garden and Nutrition Consultant

What our students & teachers are saying:

"The ASC training was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed learning about the environmental issues surrounding my community because it gave me a better sense of the place that I live in. Meeting influential and important people involved in making the earth a better place was very inspiring."McKenzie, ASC graduate

"I learned about how alternative land management helps grasses used for grazing cattle to sequester carbon and - in conjunction with the elimination of emissions - could actually diminish and even reverse the effects of global warming." Alison, ASC Graduate


""My students, ages 14-20, come from Russia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, India, Korea, the Philippines and Ghana. They are all learning English and have vastly different proficiency levels, as well as different academic capabilities. Some are additionally designated Special Ed. Without exception, every single student was able to participate in this program and gain the life skills of interviewing adults and learning how to write and ask good questions. However, for me, the most powerful aspect is having our
worldviews expanded."
Cathryn Bruno, Teacher at Tamalpais High School


  • KALW San Francisco public radio
  • KWMRWest Marin Public Radio
  • Next Generation
  • North Bay Conservation Corps
  • Marin County School to Career partnerships

ASC Academy

EarthScope's Academy for Science & Communications (ASC)  provides meaningful vocational training in communications and journalism for high school and college students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

EarthScope is always looking to expand our partnerships with radio stations and news outlets as well as environmental and youth-centered organizations. Our current and past partners include:

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EarthScope staff have over thirty years of experience in the environmental field and spearheading media campaigns in the US and internationally. If you are an environmental organization or sustainability leader looking to reach a broader audience, we can help.

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Richard Louv

Author of Last Child in the Woods

Charles McGlashan

Marin Clean Energy